• " There is no opinion without tasting "

    Max Léglise

    Give your customers a chance to taste your wines

    Build up your sales

    Create customer loyalty



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  • Wine sampling

    Thanks to an innovative and patented process,

    Vinovae turns your bottles of wine into 2-cl wine samples: the Vinottes ®

    '' In Vinotte Veritas ''

  • Multiplying your wine tastings

    Here are the 4 key elements Vinovae ® can help you with in order to develop your business :

    Increased sales thanks to tasting


    Increase your sales

    One in three customers believes not being able to taste a wine before purchasing it is deterrent.

    With the Vinotte, you can now convince your prospects and clients in the simplest way by giving them a chance to taste your wines at anytime and in any place.

    Valuation of your range and your expertise


    Move upmarket

    Promote your range of products and your expertise.

    A customer who is reassured by a positive tasting experience is willing to spend an additional 20% on that wine.

    Do not miss this opportunity!

    Better customer loyalty


    Develop customer loyalty

    By offering your customers the chance to taste a significant number of your wines, you multiply your sales potential and provide credible support to your professional advice.

    Surprise them with new tasting experiences.

    Keep in mind that there is a strong correlation between tasting and customer's loyalty.

    Reduction of sampling costs

    Adopt the eco-sample and reduce your shipping costs

    If your are a wine-grower or a wine merchant, you probably send a significant number of bottles of wine to potential buyers while making a gesture for the environment!

    Know that If you decide to send out Vinottes rather than entire bottles of wine, you will divide your samples shipping costs by 10 and reduce your carbon footprint! In France, the shipping cost for one Vinotte is slightly over 1€. The saving is even more important when shipping from or to a foreign country as custom fees will be reduced or even removed depending on the destination.

    With a single bottle, you can now target 36 different potential buyers and avoid waste by sending the perfect amount of tasting dose.

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  • How to get your Vinottes

    4 easy steps!

    Collecting bottles at home


    Choose the wine you want to be sampled and Vinovae will pick up the bottles during your opening hours.

    Repackaging in Vinottes - Delivery


    Vinovae turns your bottles of wine into Vinottes

    and delivers them wherever you need.

    Customer satisfaction through tasting


    You can offer your customers a one-of-a-kind tasting experience on the spot or at home.

    Increase your bottle sales


    Your customers are satisfied and convinced.

    They decide to purchase your wine.

  • Services & customizations

    Vinovae is at your service to meet your special needs.

    Custom label

    Customizable labels

    Your name, your website, the logo of your business or the logo of the sampled wine... Pretty much anything your want can be featured on the Vinotte label so that YOU stand out.

    Customizable boxes and Advent Calendars

    Customizable sets

    Meet the fully customizable sets of 3, 4 or 6 Vinottes that are as unique as your wines.

    Delivery of your vinottes

    Tailor-made logistics

    Discover optimized and reliable delivery for your Vinotte shipment. Just send us your list of recipients and your packing indications and we will take care of the rest.

  • For further information

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    Want to know more about the great things we could do together?

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  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this sampling solution for?

    Online wine shops, you can send out samples of your wine selection to your customers before or after a purchase. In doing so, you will build up their trust and loyalty. Seize this new business development opportunity now!

    Cellarmen, you currently need to open a bottle every time a customer wishes to taste your wines and the wine can be spoiled if not drank rapidly. Thanks to Vinovae's solution, with this very same bottle, you can organize 36 tasting experiences in your shop or give the samples away as a gift. This means no more time pressure and a higher transformation rate.

    Wine-growers, wine merchants, mass retail companies. thanks to the Vinotte, instead of sending a whole bottle to each potential buyer, you can now reach 36 of them at once with only one bottle. The Vinotte is an innovative tool that will help decrease your prospection fees while increasing your brand awareness.

    Will my wine taste the same?

    Absolutely! This is our promise. Vinovae works under inert atmosphere. The wine is never in contact with oxygen so as to keep all its organoleptic properties (appearance, colour, aromas, flavors, consistency). We guarantee that it will not be altered by the sampling process in any way.

    How many Vinottes can be made with one bottle? And why 2 cl?

    Vinovae turns a 75-cl bottle of wine into 36 wine samples of 2 cl each, giving you 36 opportunities to promote your wine. 2 cl equals 2 sips. It also corresponds to the amount that is poured in your glass during wine tasting exhibitions. It's just the right quantity for a customer to make up his mind. Vinottes are also 100% recyclable ! You can throw them into the recycling bin.

    Why 36 samples per bottle?

    With a bottle of 75 cl, Vinovae can make 36 + 1 wine samples. 36 Vinottes are delivered to you. we keep the extra one for quality control and traceability. .

    Is this profitable for my company?

    Yes. Thanks to this new sales and marketing tool, you will increase your sales, move upmarket and retain your customers.

    The more references you cover with your Vinottes, higher the chances one of them will correspond to what your customer wants. What happens when you only have a bottle of red wine opened and a customer comes in looking for a white wine to pair with fish?

    It is not necessary to invest in a costly machine to extract or preserve your wine.

    Vinovae offers a practical and economical solution.

    Do you sample wine only ?

    Vinovae’s core business is to sample wine, a fragile product that must be manipulated with great care. Vinovae uses the same process to sample spirits and other alcoholic drinks as they are naturally less sensitive to handling.

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